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HP Network Configuration Utility (NCU) MAC address selection

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HP Network Configuration Utility (NCU) MAC address selection

Troy had some questions when trying to script MAC addresses for NIC ports using the NCU Utility:




Hello Everyone,


I have a customer who is trying to script teaming of HP NCU.  We are having a problem where NCU seems to *ALWAYS* select the second NIC's MAC address to use for the team. The problem is that the customer specifies the MAC address in their DHCP config and they are PXE booting using the primary NIC LOM:1-A. When the team comes up with the MAC of the LOM:2-A NIC it doesn't get a DHCP lease.


We are using cqniccmd to save and push the updated NIC configuration.

We have tried using "PreferredPrimaryRanking" which does let us choose the primary NIC. However the result is that the primary NIC simply gets assigned the MAC address of the second NIC. We can manually change the team to use the MAC of the first NIC but we can not figure out how to do this in an automated fashion using cqniccmd.


Is there any automated way to force NCU to use the MAC of the first NIC instead of the second for the team?




Some help from Hitendra:




The NCU scripting parameter ' TeamNetworkAddress'  does allow to set the 'User defined Mac address' or 'locally administered addresses' to the team adapter.


I saved the teaming xml config on my lab server which had the team MAC of the LOM 2-a (00-17-A4-77-00-54), then I set the NCU 'TeamNetworkAddress'  parameter to the LOM1-a mac 00-17-A4-77-00-52  and I was able to set the teaming address to the LOM1-a MAC address, see the below

<property id="TeamNetworkAddress" value="00-17-A4-77-00-52 " />




This can also be achieved by setting up LAA in NCU gui, team’s settings tab.




Other help for Troy?