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HP SPP - how to verify correct installation using CLI ?

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HP SPP - how to verify correct installation using CLI ?



I am trying to create scripts for automatic installation and configuration of SPP across our Linux servers. I use automation tools for that (it is ansible - puppet/chef/cfengine like). After deployment I would like to verify that installation process is correct. I can login to web interface (using https://server_name:2381/ ) and check if there is Management Processor/System/Utilization etc windows opened but if I have serveral servers it is time consuming. Can I somehow verify the configuration process using CLI ?

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Re: HP SPP - how to verify correct installation using CLI ?

Pretty sure the CLI for SUM (The engine inside SPP) has a Reporting Only method you could use to scan the local machine again and show you what you needed to update.

If you did everything the previous time and rebooted, that report should show no recommended updates. Should be easy enough to script.