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HP SUM 5.3.5 implementation question.

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HP SUM 5.3.5 implementation question.

John had a customer maintenance question around HP SUM:




I have a customer that wants to update firmware on Blade enclosures which are managed by two different teams – enclosures containing Integrity Blades are managed by their Unix Team and the Proliants running Windows and VMware by Desktop support.


It’s high secure site with many restrictions so getting a maintenance window is tough going  and their having to get approvals across many BUs, with only one shared CMS they would like to update the enclosures concurrently.


Is it possible to run more than one SUM instance from the same server?




The answer from Kim:




You can only run one instance of HP SUM on a server at a time. You should be able to remotely deploy to both environments from the same session of HP SUM as long as all of the servers are on the same subnet.




Any other questions?