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HPSIM only discover the OA NOT iLO and VC

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HPSIM only discover the OA NOT iLO and VC

A question from Chris:




I have a customer when they do discovery on both the OA1 and OA2, only the OA’s got discovered but not the iLO and VC modules.



OA 3.56




Info from Dan:




There is a setting in Discovery options menu to turn that feature on/off on SIM side.


Next in the OA under protocols or security or something, make sure xmlreply is enabled.


Make sure the management protocols of the OA are showing properly in it's SIM record next. I think XML is one of them and that enabled discovery of the other pieces.


Oh and the other obvious one is use the same login and pass on all iLOs, VC domain and OA.




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