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HPSUM 5.0 concurrent enclosure Firmware upgrades

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HPSUM 5.0 concurrent enclosure Firmware upgrades

Sam had an HPSUM v5.0 question:




Good morning.  I have a client with a large number of C7000 enclosures.    They are migrating to Virtual Connect and are concerned about quarterly FW maintenance. HPSUM 5.0 will be used….the user’s guide states multiple targets can be specified but there’s no mention of how many concurrent update jobs can be launched.   I know mileage will vary but we’re trying to get a rough estimate on the VCEM maintenance window (based on VC Domain Group size).




Reply from Ken:




You could theoretically update thousands of systems at the same time if you use System Insight Manager (SIM) to drive HPSUM.

The physical limit would be the number of systems a SIM server can support.  But then again, you can have multiple SIM servers, federated or not.  With proper planning, you can set up an environment to do concurrent updates on as many servers as you want.


I wouldn’t necessarily plan on quarterly updates.  The hard requirement is for annual updates, the best answer probably lies somewhere in between.


You don’t have to update an entire VC Domain Group at the same time.  The domain Group will be limitied to the functionality in the older firmware until the last domain is updated, but it can make sense to spread the upgrade over several outage windows in large and complex environments.




Any other input for Sam?