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HPSUM 5.X Firmware update process and scheduled updates

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HPSUM 5.X Firmware update process and scheduled updates

Greg had an HP SUM question:




With HP SUM 5.X we can schedule updates. My question is once you schedule an update must you keep the SUM GUI running in order for the update to take place at the scheduled time? I would think yes and from the HP SUM User Guide is this:


Page 30

NOTE: Schedule settings might be lost if the HP SUM session is closed. HP recommends not to exit from an HP SUM session if a scheduled update has been set.


Are there plans in the future that would allow a customer to schedule an update, exit out of the SUM GUI, have SUM wake up at the scheduled time, and do the update?




Input from Michael:




  It really depends on what type of updates are scheduled as to whether you can exit HPSUM or not. 


When you schedule remote servers, the HPSUM session on the remote target pulls all the files to the server and then waits until the scheduled time to execute them.  In this case, if all the targets are remote servers, then you can exit HPSUM and the updates will proceed as scheduled.  In this case, you'll need to manually collect the logs if you exit HPSUM before the remote targets perform their scheduled updates.


For updating remote targets that are not through the server OS environment such as OAs, VCs, SAS BL switches and iLOs through the iLO Management Network, the local HPSUM instance drives the session to the remote target.  In this case, HPSUM needs to be kept running locally so it can provide the updates to the remote non-server targets.  When you exit HPSUM, we do leave the local session running so it can perform the updates at the scheduled time.  However, if you re-run HPSUM, after clicking Next on the Source Selection screen, you'll get a popup asking for credentials to the existing session.  If you elect to kill the existing session, which is the default, all of the schedule settings will be lost as the previously scheduled local session will be killed.  If you provide credentials to login to the previous session, we will re-connect to the session and allow the user to alter or delete schedules or add additional targets.


Because of the difficulty in communicating all of this when we provided input on this feature for the User Guide, the note was added to the User Guide to always leave it running.




Any other questions? Here is the link to the HP SUM web page:


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Re: HPSUM 5.X Firmware update process and scheduled updates

Simply put, What an Awesome! reply.

Concise, Informative and Direct. Chuckk281, HP needs to use you for there documentation more often.