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HPSUM CANNOT collect Integrity iLO 3

Keynes Lee
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HPSUM CANNOT collect Integrity iLO 3

As the subject.


I use HPSUM and add a target "OA" , enter the account and password.

All related  devices ( iLO and Virtual Connect ) listed and information collected, except Integrity iLO 3.

It was always showing "Discovering"  then failed.


Please help me to resolve this issue.



Re: HPSUM CANNOT collect Integrity iLO 3



I have two thoughts:


Use the system administrator credentials for the local PC on which HPSUM is being run from or a user's credentials that have full administrator rights and group access on the system from which HPSUM is being run from.


Recommended to check the network connectivity from the PC running the HPSUM application to the OA, make sure there is no firewall issues.


Thank You!
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Re: HPSUM CANNOT collect Integrity iLO 3

One of the problems in older versions fixed in current versions is a ILO freeze.


You should first check if the ILO is working.


NOTE: Only BL8x0c i2 blades can be updated with SUM!


I guess BL8x0c blades cannot be discovered/updated by SUM.



What do you have?

Hope this helps!

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