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Re: HPSUM V7.1 error when creating a node

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HPSUM V7.1 error when creating a node

I have succesfully updated one of our brand new C7000 Chassis using HPSUM however the second chassis, which is on the same network etc... will not do an inventory.

I have a baseline which I used when updating the first chassis.

I add the second chassis as Add node, enter IP address, select Onboard Administrator, select the baseline, and enter the OA logon credentials and then click Add.

I then run an inventory agaisnt the new node and it fails almost immediately with "inventory failed. check logs for more detailed information". Lo and behold the "logs" dont help - One is empty and the other says "Staring Inventory....Inventory Failed" and thats it !

Any ideas ? These are two brand new chassis, both configured exactly the same. 



Re: HPSUM V7.1 error when creating a node

Are you logged in as Administrator?