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HPSUM report question???

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HPSUM report question???

David had a question regarding the HP SUM reports:




What is really being shown in the ‘Already installed’ field? The screen shots below are from an HP SUM Updates To Be Applied report.


In the first screen shot, the repository is the Feb2012 SPP. The ‘Install needed’ and ‘Already Installed’ notes are as expected – OA is running 3.32 and the repository contains 3.50 which is shown in the report as well – and nothing is ‘already installed’ for the OA.



In the second screen shot, the repository is the Feb2012 SPP with the 3.55 hotfix copied to the directory. Nothing has been installed between the first and second screen shot, just the hotfix file copied into the Feb2012 SPP folder and HP SUM re-run to generate the report. The ‘Install needed’ now reflects the repository version as 3.55 which is expected. However, the ‘Already Installed’ field shows a repository version of3.50.


So just what is ‘Already Installed’ really reporting?




Michael replied:




  In the "Already Installed" field, HPSUM is reporting any components (ie CP01xxxx files) in the repository that have already been applied to the server.  If you do not have components in the repository to match the version installed on the target device, it will show as your screen shot shows below.  The “Installed Version” field indicates the version of firmware installed on the target device.




Here are the screen shots.








Any other questions or comments?