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HPSUM server credentials for Linux

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HPSUM server credentials for Linux

Steve had a Linux customer question:




I’m working with a customer that does not allow direct login with root to their linux servers, they use Centrify (similar to sudo) after they login to gain root authority. Can HPSUM work with a non-root account to perform the updates remotely to a server or do we have to run HPSUM locally?


I see this note in the HPSUM user guide that is probably giving me my answer, but still worth double checking to see if there is a work around.


NOTE: To perform Linux deployments, a root equivalent user account must be used. SSH support

must be enabled and firewall opened to enable SSH communications on remote Linux servers or

HP SUM is not able to deploy updates. By default, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 and 11 block

SSH support through the firewall. If SSH support has been disabled in the firewall, to enable it and

open ports, use the yast2 command.




From Krish:




HPSUM updates does not work with non-root user account.

Any non-root user needs to be given super user permission, which is as good as the root user.




Any other comments or suggestions for Steve?