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Host Bus Adapter(HBA) firmware deployment on hundreds DL/ML servers

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Host Bus Adapter(HBA) firmware deployment on hundreds DL/ML servers

Oliver was looking for help in automating firmware deployment:




Hi all,


One of my customers asked me how to deploy HBA firmware updates on hundreds of ML/DL servers? I already studied the latest best practice guides on but could not find a good answer.


I can use the latest Smart Update DVD 9.0 which includes HP Bladesystem FDT for our famous blade servers but what about ML/DL servers?




Becky seemed to have the best advice and answer so far:




Here is some scripting info on iLO 3/iLO 2 that may also be helpful:


  • CPQLOCFG  (Compaq Lights-Out Configuration Utility)

–      send XML scripts over the network to iLO

–      Windows client command line utility

  • HPONCFG (HP Online Configuration Utility)

–      send XML scripts from the server OS to iLO

–      Windows and Linux server versions

  • Also HPONCFG_GUI.EXE (GUI interface for Windows server)
  • HPLOMIG (HP Lights-Out Migration Utility)

–      helps discovery and configure iLO devices for LDAP settings

–      also a convenient way to push iLO firmware out to many systems

–      Windows client GUI utility


Also seeàHP Lights-Out XML PERL Scripting Sample for Linux-->


Side info:

  • The three mentioned OS-based utilities are updated for iLO 3
  • All three utilities are version 3.0

–      easy to remember

–      iLO 3 needs version 3.0 of the utilities…

–      Version 3.0 also supports iLO and iLO 2




Have you done this before? How did you do it? Please share if you can.