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How to monitor temperature increases in the servers

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How to monitor temperature increases in the servers

Basil had a customer question:




I have a customer who is facing a problem with air-conditioning in one of the small data center he has.

He is asking if there is a tool to send alerts if the temperature has increased on the servers

The servers are proliant DL


Will HP SIM is able to collect temperature information and send alerts in case of high temperature?

Is there any other tool can be used for this ?




Info from Gary:




                Temperature monitoring is a core capability of ProLiant agents (G7 servers and previous) and agentless with Gen8 servers.  If configured correctly, SIM will receive the temperature alarms via SNMP or WBEM.  Gen8 servers running the Agentless Management Service will need the correct SNMP configuration in the server’s ILO.  SNMP traps can be sent to just about any trap receiver as long as the HP MIBS are installed in that trap receiver.


Here is a link to the HP MIBs:


In addition, ProLiants can be configured to automatically shutdown in an overheat situation to prevent server damage.




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