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How to send a test trap from ESXi 4.1

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How to send a test trap from ESXi 4.1

Stefan had a SIM test question:




One of my customer is running ESXi 4.1 and we would like to test their IRS/HPSIM setup.

From the Windows side we can from the management agent, send a test trap which will register in HP SIM as a Service Event, and in a few minutes it will change to “Closed at HP”

This will confirm that HP SIM will pick up traps from the system, and send them to HP.


Any idea on how to trigger a test like that from ESXi 4.1?




From David:




While ESXi has SNMP and can send traps on VMware events, ProLiant management comes from the WBEM providers.  You can trigger a WBEM test indication from the device using ‘Manage Communications’ in HP SIM…




Hope this helps. Have you tried this testing approach??