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How to stop ILO ips auto discovery in SIM

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How to stop ILO ips auto discovery in SIM

Wilson had a customer question:






Fyi my customer does not used ILO port in their environment and thus its Ilo is not connected to their network.


However, their SIM server has repeatedly discovered the ILO ips and alert on connectivity issues.

Customer do not want the ILO ips to be discovered in SIM and have manually deleted those ips.


The next day, the ILO ips was automatically discovered again even though we have disabled all the discovery task in SIM.

How can we stop the discovery?Is there a exclude list for discovery in SIM?


Any good advice? :)




Marc responded:




Hi Wilson,


For Windows environment, you must go to:

Control Panel, then inside Management Agent panel.

Check if “Remote Insight Information” is active, put it in “inactive” mode.

Restart Management Agent Services and then restart “System Management Homepage Services”.


Now, the iLO chips health shouldn’t be checked!




Tim also had a comment:




Use the ping exclusion list in the Options à Discovery area.




Any other comments or suggestions?