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How to upgrade iLO2 from firmware version 2.00

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How to upgrade iLO2 from firmware version 2.00

Dyfrig had an upgrade question:




Could someone please tell me how you would update an iLO2 which is running V2.00 to v2.06? My customer has just over a 170 iLO2s to upgrade from this version.


On the Revision History tab for the Online ROM Flash Component for Windows (and Linux)- HP Integrated Lights-Out 2, it states that:


iLO 2 v2.01 replaces v2.00 to address an issue that would prohibit an HPSUM firmware update to future releases

iLO 2 v2.00 would not allow an HPSUM upgrade to future iLO 2 firmware releases


In the latest HP ProLiant Firmware Management Planning Guide Best Practices, it states that:


iLO firmware 2.00 cannot be updated through the iLO NIC management interface.




From Mark:

If this customer runs HPSIM on site it maybe possible to roll out the firmware via SIM, however SIM is somewhat limited in rolling out firmware as it will only do key components; it all depends on SIM pulling down the iLO firmware component from the HP website into the repository.


I would try this in a lab first or get the answer from someone here on the PDL before communicating this to your client, failing that unfortunately the only other method here may be a manual method should you have no luck with HPSUM.


From Chris:

Why not use HPSUM?  That is the whole point of HPSUM.  You would create a Group for all of the iLO’s.  the only issue is that you would need to have an account on them, as HPSUM cannot use things like OA Passthrough Authorization.


From Chad:

Which is where LDAP authentication could help, configure it via an XML file and hponcfg. You could also include an HTTP or FTP site in the same XML file and have the iLo update from that too, or use Plink to ssh into the iLos and send the update command.




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