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ILO 4 Firmware Bin File question

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ILO 4 Firmware Bin File question

Christian had an iLO issue:




Hello Experts,


We’ve to update around 200 Blade Gen8 Servers ILO FW due to the current advisory regarding the intermittent  NMAs.


Therefore I need a bin file to be able to update via the OA using the “update ilo” command - but on the web and also HP internally (SAW) nowhere a bin file is available for ILO FW version 1.51.


Does someone of you know that ILO bin file for Vers. 1.51 is available ?


Using HP-SUM / SPP in that case is not possible, because the blade systems are distributed around the whole globe and the WAN performance is too slow therefore.




Some input for Christian:




From Arnout:

-         Download the windows.exe smart component you would use to upgrade the iLO.

-         Rename the .exe to .zip

-         Extract

-         You will find the binfile.


From Dan:



If these are Blades, there is an OA CLI Command called “UPDATE ILO” that you can use to have the OA tell each iLO to grab the new firmware from an HTTP/FTP server inside the customer’s network and Go Flash Themselves.


Not sure if there is a similar command for iLO’s directly via CLI or HPQLOCFG,, etc


And from Chad:

Or open the EXE directly with 7-Zip to extract




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Re: ILO 4 Firmware Bin File question

Thank you for posting this, I was going mad before I came accross this!