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ILO Advanced License Retrieval

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ILO Advanced License Retrieval

Sarhan had a customer question:




Hello all,


Is there a command line way to retrieve ILO advanced License prior to replacing system board if server is still accessible.

Customer advised that the GUI part is not working. I know we can call HP license to get if need be.

The server in particular is DL Series G7.


Thank you




Input from Dan:




SSH to the iLO and then run:

show /map1 license


You can also SSH in, turn on logging in putty or whatever your SSH tool is, and then run “show -a” to dump everything about that iLO out.  Then you can go back and dig through it if you find a setting missing after the System Board is swapped.



</>hpiLO-> show /map1 license




Fri Jun  6 16:41:53 2014








    cd version exit show reset set oemhp_ping





Actual License masked to protect the guilty




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