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ILO Management Engine Advanced license

Erik had a customer question:




I have a customer with an 3 year old C7000 enclosure with “417688-B23    HP c-Class All FIO 16 Icm 1yr 24x7 Lic” and the support option as well.

I know the original order no. for the C7000.


As far as I remember then this product is containing a ILO Advanced edition license for all 16 slots in the enclosure.


They have now installed 4 new BL460cG8 server with ilO4 and they are now complaining that Virtual Media is not available.


Can the license number be found somewhere or can it be inherited from the enclosure or what is the solution ?




A variety of input:




From Scott:

The 16 licenses are for the 1st 16 servers used. It does not stay with the enclosure in perpetually. Each license is good for the life of a single server. You may need to buy (and install) a new license.


From Dan:

Should work fine.


I am basing this from the following:


1)      Compare the following 2 quickspecs for a single ICE Pack for an old and new server.  Exact same part number.

  1. 460c G5 -
  2. 460c Gen8 -

2)      iLO Demo Licenses (60 day eval) support iLO2, iLO3 and iLO4 from a single demo license code (I keep this code on my laptop for that reason)


Now,  even if you ordered a 16 pack with the c7000, there is no magic auto enablement of blades in that enclosure.

The order would have required a customer email address and they would have gotten an email with a virtual activation code.  Or some older orders might have been a small envelope with a paper inside with the same code.

This code has to be taken to the software entitlement site where the customer registers this against their HP Passport account. (When I was a customer all the IT guys had the our Procurement contact do this so she had a central copy of everything)


With an ICE pack you get 3 items for each ICE entitlement.

1)      iLO Advanced code

2)      Insight Control license code

3)      RDP (Altiris) license file


So if this was never done, your customer will need to find the entitlement certificate/email or have it re-generated based on that order number.


And of course as  others have said, blades come with free BASIC Virtual Media as part of Remote Console.

Basic Virtual Media means from the IRC you can mount an ISO, etc.

With iLO Advanced you get Scripted Virtual Media which allows you to mount ISOs from HPONCFG or CPQLOCFG in an automated fashion.  Along with a bunch of other iLO Advanced features.


Reply from Erik:

Hi everybody,


Now it looks like there is a solution.


The setup is a 3Y old enclosure has been used with only 2 BL680cG5. Now the enclosure have had 4 new BL460cG8 server installed for a new project. A the new project members were not allowed to access the existing servers in the enclosure. So dedicated  user and password was created ON THE ILO4 for the new users. At that time they were not aware that this can also be done at OA level, but they did not have the security accept to perform other than ILO access.


They wants to be able to mount an ISO file with a windows installation media.


Workaround found:

Instead of using the Virtual Media section, then we have advised then to go directly to the REMOTE CONSOLE part and start a session.

Here they have the complete choice of Virtual Media option in the screen. menu





Other suggestions or comments?