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ILO Scripting - Change ILO Name

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ILO Scripting - Change ILO Name

Patrick had an iLO question:






Anyone knows how to change the ILO Name (not server name) via RIBCL Script or any other language?






Reply from Doug:

From the ProLiant PowerShell team


I think what they are talking about is the DNS name of the iLO.  If that is the case it can be done with RIBCL and here is how to do it with PowerShell.

$a = Get-HPiLONetworkSetting -Server -Username admin -Password admin123


Set-HPiLONetworkSetting -Server -Username admin -Password admin123 -DNSName "NewILOName"

Reset-HPiLORIB -Server -Username admin -Password admin123

sleep -Seconds 60


The first two lines display the current DNS name the 3rd sets a new one.  It then does an iLO reset and waits for the reset to complete.  What I don’t know is how long it will take for their DNS servers to update the new device name in the DNS tables.  I have tried this and it does set the new name, but didn’t wait for it to appear in the DNS tables.


And from David:

For ilo in Bay3:


HPONCFG 3 << end_marker


<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Dontcare" PASSWORD="UsingAutologin">

<RIB_INFO MODE="write">


  <ENABLE_NIC value="Yes" />

  <REG_DDNS_SERVER value="Yes" />

  <DHCP_DOMAIN_NAME value="Yes" />

  <DNS_NAME value=" NewILOName " />

  <DOMAIN_NAME value="mydomain.mydomain" />

  <PRIM_DNS_SERVER value="x.x.x.x" />










Other comments?


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Re: ILO Scripting - Change ILO Name

More PoweShell input from Arnout:





You can put different sections in the same xml.  Here is a sample I use in my environment in conjunction with ICsp, but you can just use it with hponcfg also if you change the variables.


You can configure one iLO by hand and dump the complete config with “hponcfg –a –w ilodump.txt” and afterwards use it as input for the rest of the iLOs (after modification)


Note however that you should put the MOD_NETWORK_SETTINGS at the end or even in a separate xml script, since these network changes trigger a reset of the iLO.

I got the impression that everything in the xml after the network settings does not get executed, but still need to verify that.



Also note that there is a very good powershell library available to configure OA and iLO’s on this page:


I use this one more and more configure and check everything.

We now e.g. have a PS script that reads every iLO and parses the output in an xls format so we can verify that all settings are applied correctly.