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ILO2 (BL460c G6) is not picking the IP address when server inserted

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ILO2 (BL460c G6) is not picking the IP address when server inserted

Timur had a customer issue:




Hello guys,


Have a strange issue here.


Customer has a C7000 enclosure, fully populated, VC Flex-10 modules (show all attached), when the customer inserts a blade or swaps it to any other slot, it loses the ILO IP connection, we are not able to ping or access it. If we go to EBIPA or ILO F8 the ilo ip address is there, the only way to have them work is either changing the ILO IP address in EBIPA by another one and then re-change it for the original one, server works ok.


Production and management network in different Vlan, no packet flooding or similar.


Any recommendation will be appreciated.




Monty replied:




Sounds like you have a duplicate IP address issue with the original EBIPA setting for that iLO – your OA show all file shows that all the iLO indicate they are using the EBIPA IP address that was assigned.  The OA gets that information from iLO without having to use the iLO IP address.


When you changed the EBIPA setting to a different address – I suspect that you will get a ping response back from the original IP address, you should then be able to find the culprit.




Any other suggestions or comments for Timur?