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Re: ILO3 typing / mouse lag problems?

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ILO3 typing / mouse lag problems?

Steve was having ILO3 problems:




Does anyone have any info about problems with repeated typing characters and/or severe mouse lag in iLO3 Integrated console?


Our customer has raised this as an issue with both Windows (pre-PSP) and Solaris, although I have seen similar with iLO2 on Linux.


Eg, typing in a *nix console you might get “sssteeeeeve”.


Is this related to the lack of iLO driver (there is none for Solaris) and if so what about during the install phase when you don’t have any drivers?




Doug is on the development team and was looking to get some details:




If you encounter this problem, I would appreciate it if you can send me the following information.


  1. ping the iLO IP address and send me the response times. 
  2. What client OS and browser are you using?
  3. What server OS?
  4. What are the client and server’s keyboard repeat rate?


We have a hypothesis that this problem may be related to the keyboard character repeat delay.






Any problems like this out there? Send us any info that Doug asked for to see if there is a problem.

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Re: ILO3 typing / mouse lag problems?

Currently experiencing the repeating character issue issue with iLO3 (fw1.20) when accessing iLO3s in a customer's environment.  Access to the environment is going through (at least) two jumpboxes.  Jumpboxes are a mixture of physical and virtual servers.  Specific servers that we are experiencing the issue with are DL380G7s and DL580G7s.


Information that you requested:
Ping times.  145-155 ms
Client OS:  Win2K8.  Browser: IE7
ServerOS:  Server BIOS, ESXi 4.1 DCUI
Keyboard type rate:  Win2K8 - default.


Is there any other information that you require for troubleshooting this issue?  I can reproduce this issue at will in several different environments.


As an aside - we were experiencing this issue in iLO2s but disabled the iLO to detect key-up/key-down.  This addressed the issue but that setting doesn't seem to be available in the iLO3 configurations.

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Re: ILO3 typing / mouse lag problems?

Hi Folks !


I'm having the very same problem. Tried upgrade ILO to 1.26 but same thing. Also accessing from Windows Jump Station (not possible to access without jump due security architecture). Need a help ASAP ! Any clue ?


Tks !


Re: ILO3 typing / mouse lag problems?

There was a setting on ILO2 called "Key Up/Down" that solved this problem completely, it has been removed on ILO3, I'd LOVE to see it re-implemented for ILO3 and ILO4.