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ISCSI Initiator name from Onboard Administrator or Virtual Connect

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ISCSI Initiator name from Onboard Administrator or Virtual Connect

Shashi had an iSCSI question:




For the FlexFabric adapter, once the accelerated ISCI is enabled, from OA or from VC, through GUI or CLI, how to get the blades ISCSI initiator name?


I need to pre-allocate the storage from Left Hand Networks to the bare-metal blades, right now I am capturing the Initiator name from BIOS.


Is there any way to get the Initiator name from OA or VC?


VC version is 3.75.




Lots of discussion


From Hoa:

This will guide you


Back from Shashi:

I have gone through this cookbook.
Except in case of boot from ISCSI, i am not finding where to capture the initiator name in OA or VC.

From Hoa:

There’re ways to get the initiator name but the most simple way to me is get the name from your iSCSI SAN Admin.


Input from Chris:

With a software initiator it is generated when the iSCSI service is installed and usually contains the server name. I have had windows change the IQN name when the server name was changed. The IQN should always be lower case. It can also be created and use to rename the generated IQN.


From Hoa:

Would this apply to hardware based iSCSI with VC?


Reply from Chris:

It all depends on how the initiator is brought up. If is brought up from the Emulex bios it will have the Emulex name, the first part is the year the company received their iSCSI cert, then the name and possible MAC address. In Windows I have seen the Emulex One Command use the Windows generated IQN when enabling the HBA. The last I saw the Emulex HBA is only supported on the LeftHand with Server 2008, on ESX the software initiator is recommended. When push comes to shove I have to recommend what is supported in SPOCK.


The VC also has the capability to tell the VC the location of the VIP for iSCSI booting.


ANd input from Andrea:

Hardware-based ISCSI with VC and Emulex is quite unsupported...




Any other comments?