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Insight Contro (IC) 7.3 and Insight Remote Support (IRS) v7.0.9 on a Virtual Machine

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Insight Contro (IC) 7.3 and Insight Remote Support (IRS) v7.0.9 on a Virtual Machine

Dave had a question regarding the moving of some of the management software for servers:




            If memory serves me correct, we cannot VMotion SIM or IRS?

We have an install for tomorrow and now the site wants to move IC and IRS to a blade inside the enclosure after VCenter is up and running. I believe that they would need to use MXExport to save the database, then re-install IC and IRS on the new machine and then use MXImport to reload the DB.


            Has this changed or is this the proper way to move SIM/IRS?




Info from Jeroen:




As from the IRS 7.0.9 release notes:


Support is provided for the following VMware vSphere capabilities when the Hosting Device is installed in a VMware Windows virtual machine:


HP Insight Remote Support 7.0.9 Release Notes

• VMware vSphere vMotion when the Hosting Device is moved to another server in the same cluster

• VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance to provide Hosting Device hardware resilience using two servers running in parallel for continuous fault tolerance for an Insight Remote Support installation. For details of this capability please refer to



VMware vCenter features that are not supported on a Virtual Machine based Hosting Device includes VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), VMware High Availability (HA), VM cloning, VM copying and Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migrations with the VMware vCenter Converter.




Other help for Dave?