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Insight Control Power Lic for c7000 Enclosure

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Insight Control Power Lic for c7000 Enclosure

Ehab was looking to clarify what the licensing requirements are for Insight Control and did they include the Power Capping capability:




Usually with any c7000 Enclosure I attach the ICE S/w license for 16 servers, but I heard from a colleague that we need to order P/N 452677-B21 which is Insight Power Manager for each and every c7000 enclosure, in order to enable power capabilities for the enclosure itself (like Dynamic power capping for example) is that correct???


If yes, this P/N is obsolete, so what is the replacement? Is it 452148-B22, or we do not need this license for the enclosure.


Both Lauren and James provided clarification for Ehab:


That is incorrect.  When you deploy an insight control license with a blade enclosure (8 or 16 pack licenses), the features for power mgmt – including dynamic power capping is included.  No additional sku is needed.



Well, that clears things up. Do you use Insight Control for your blade chassis? Do you use Power Capping? Let us know what you think and how it meets your needs.