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Insight Dynamics without Virtual Connect-FC

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Insight Dynamics without Virtual Connect-FC

K asked the question:




My customer would like to use VC Flex-10 for networking and Cisco MDS for SAN as their interconnect options in their c7000.  Will Insight Dynamics and VCEM work without Virtual Connect Fiber Channel?  If it does work, what feature will I lose by not using VC-FC?




Oliver replied:




You can mix VC Flex-10 and Cisco MDS or Brocade SAN. But you will loose important functionality when it comes to VCEM and Insight Dynamics. If you move a server profile from one slot to another (same chassis or different chassis) you would loose your SAN connectivity as the WWN of the HBAs will change. Profile movement is generally key to VCEM and Insight Dynamics otherwise you would not use these products.




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