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Integrated Lights Out (ILO) federation need help

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Integrated Lights Out (ILO) federation need help

Kristy had an iLO question:




Trying to setup ILO federation and it does not see to be finding other ILOs outside my enclosure.  I added a group on each ILO with the same group key and I believe the same multicast options using XML scripting.  All the ILOs are in the same layer 2 subnet.  I have a HPN  A5820 switch and did not make any changes to the default setting.  I believe multicast is enabled.  It says for those interfaces is shows the  multicast MAX-ratio as 100%.  The OA networking has federation enabled as a network protocol.


Am I missing something?  This is solution center equipment,  Anyone want to get online with me and take a look.  Need it configured for tomorrow.  Just not sure why it can’t see the other two enclosure ILOs off the same switch.




Input from Hiro:




There are 2 ways.


(1) Enable IPv6 on OA.




(2) Disable "iLO Client Applications use IPv6 first" on each iLO4.


Hope this helps.




Reply from Kristy:




Thanks that worked.  I enabled ipv6 in the OA.