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Intelligent Provisioning Recovery over PXE?

Jim Choate
Occasional Advisor

Intelligent Provisioning Recovery over PXE?

HP's Intelligent Provisioning documentation states that "The ISO is PXE bootable." But there is no further documentation regarding this. Now that v1.50 is out, I have clients looking to make sure that not only is their firmware current, but that the Intelligent Provisioning is current as well.


Has anyone successfully gotten the IP Recovery media to boot over PXE? I've been trying with no success at all - the closest was using MEMDISK to load the ISO - it would boot and say it was updating the flash on the server, get to about 90% complete, then the screen would go black, the CD-ROM would eject, and the server would reboot. I'd go into IP and note that the IP had NOT been upgraded.