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Location Discovery Services clarification and help.

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Location Discovery Services clarification and help.

Andrew needed help with using Location Discovery Services (LDS) on ProLiant Gen8 servers.




I’m trying to find something that spells out what is required to get location discovery services working…..


Here is what I believe is required:

                HP Intelligent Series racks

                Gen8 ProLiants

                SIM – I believe with Insight Control – is this correct?

                Are Insight Control licenses required?

                Are iLO Advanced Pack licenses required?


                Anything else?



Does anyone know where to get info?




Info from Jim:




SIM with Insight Control is required for LDS and that would require an Insight Control license.


Innovative technologies in HP ProLiant Gen8 servers<>




Input from Dan:




You can also pull the information directly from the iLO4 as long as you have an iLO Advanced Pack License




Questions? Comments?