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Loss of Onboard Administrator

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Loss of Onboard Administrator

Arnout had a customer question on the OA module:




I had a discussion today with a customer that is using only 1 OA on his enclosures.  Customer is also using VC.

I explained him the need of 2 OA’s based on an old mail (hereunder).


This mail states that the enclosure needs to be reimported when he needs to replace his OA.  Does this mean he loses his VC Domain, since in my opinion you need to import an enclosure in VC before you can actually create a domain?


What are the consequences of having only 1 OA in an enclosure using VC?




From Monty:




Virtual Connect Manager cannot manage an enclosure and server blades without close communication with the active OA in that enclosure.


The active Onboard Administrator is placed in VC Mode by the Virtual Connect Manager when the enclosure is imported into the VC domain.


If a single OA is installed on an enclosure in a VC domain – and that OA must be replaced, the replaced OA will not have VC Mode set, nor will the Virtual Connect Manager be able to communicate with that replaced OA.  Until that enclosure is manually reimported into the VC domain – VC Manager will be unable to communicate with that OA, nor will it be able to communicate with any of the Virtual Connect modules nor servers.


So the consequences of only having a single OA in an enclosure with Virtual Connect are exposure to loss of Virtual Connect management of the entire enclosure.  Having dual OA modules in that enclosure will completely protect against OA failure impacting the management of the Virtual Connect domain.




Also from Ramu:




This is well explained in the VC Setup and installation guide as below. Please refer page # 48 in VC Setup and installation guide Aug 2011 edition.


Onboard Administrator modules

Replacing the OA in an enclosure containing only one OA causes the OA to leave VC mode. This mode

change requires VC Manager to re-establish credentials with the OA. During this process, VC Manager

rewrites all server settings and sets the state of the servers to "profile recovered." There should not be any

disruption to the servers, but the administrator should be sure that all servers have the correct MAC addresses

and WWNs. Powering off the server clears the "profile recovered" state. If any servers are rebooted or

power-cycled while the credential recovery occurs, the MAC addresses and WWNs might be returned to the

factory default settings.




Any other questions or suggestions?