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Matrix Licensing, Finding the Entitlement Cod

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Matrix Licensing, Finding the Entitlement Cod

Steven was working a problem with a customer:




I’m sorry if this doesn’t sound right but I’m not a Matrix expert.


A customer moved some servers from one Matrix environment to another and they need to have their licensing changed. We need replacement licenses and need to know exactly which one’s we are replacing.  It seems as if each 16 license bundle has a single entitlement code.  We need to know exactly which bundle was used (which entitlement code) to issue the replacement licenses otherwise we could mess up the remaining licenses.  The customer doesn’t know since they did not do the install.  Is there a way to pull up the current entitlement code on the servers in question?




Help from Rupesh:




This link has all the licensing support centers listed, please contact the licensing support center for your region and product family.




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