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Microsoft Bare Metal Recovery question.

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Microsoft Bare Metal Recovery question.

A question from Rick:






Has anyone used MS Bare Metal Recovery on BL460c Gen8 ? Is it supported ?


Customer has a query to us around the support of this and our blades.




  1.  Boot off Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Install media

  2.  Select the Repair your computer option

  3.  Select Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier and then select Next

  4.  Click Cancel on the both information window as well as the Select a system image backup window

  5.  On the System Recover Options window, click Command Prompt.

  6.  Run the following from the command prompt: start /w wpeinit

  7.  Run the following from the command prompt: netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces



Running the netsh command should list the NIC’s as follows:


netsh interface ipv4 show interface




Input from Dan:

I don’t know that we specifically support it or not.


The only reason I see this would not work is that the NIC and/or Smart Array drivers included in 2008 R2 SP1 might not have what you need for the BL460c Gen8.


If so, they might need to crack open boot.wim and maybe install.wim and inject the appropriate drivers, package that up as a modified ISO/USB and then try again.


And from Hoa:

If you have several SAN drives in production now you need to temporarily stop FC connection otherwise bare mental 2008 R2 will try to discover those drives making Windows taking forever to load.   At certain point Windows reboot from bare mental will hang on the way down until you force it down, even though  it looks like hardware issue again (bare metal more less because DR).    Install all MS Hot fixes/Service Pack, system won't hang on the way down.    Reconnect SAN drives, IPs, etc.


During 2008 R2 installation you can install optional SA drivers via F8 prompt via USB if the controller introduced after 2088 R2 image, otherwise it should be any issue.   I would install SPP before MS patching.    Recreating a production box is not as simple as local drives 2008 R2 build,  especially database with tons of data on SAN.




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