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Migrating to a new SIM/VCEM instance

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Migrating to a new SIM/VCEM instance

From Kathleen:




I need to verify the correct order to migrate sim/vcem to a new sim/vcem server.


I have one domain group with multiple domains under it with a bunch of server profiles.


Do I delete the domain on the old server and then create the domain on the new server and add the domains to it.


Or, do I remove each domain from the domain group one at a time, then delete the domain.  Then add the domain group to the new server and add the domains to it.


I need the virtual macs and server profiles to remain intact.




From Dan:

Can you delete domains in VCEM?  I thought those were inherited during the Inventory process.


Once you remove the domain from the DG, and you check VCM and it no longer shows its being managed by VCEM, you should be fine to then import it into the other VCEM and add to a new DG.


But I am less sure about VCEM then normal VC/VCM so I would wait and see who else replies tomorrow.


Reply from Vincent:

Right, you don't delete a VC domain in VCEM. You can however delete a Domain Group which for all intents and purposes does the same thing as removing each domain from the domain group. So whether you do it one way or the other is up to you. One might think deleting the DG is faster than visiting each domain, but you still have to provide MAC/WWN/SN ranges for each domain when deleting the DG so I think the difference is very small.

Is the intent to decommission the existing VCEM server ? If not and they need to coexist you will also have to create exclusion ranges.


And input from Fred:

The VCEM UG: has details of moving VC Domain Groups from one VCEM instance to another. See page 138.


If you plan to decommission the current SIM/VCEM instance and replace it with a new instance on another server, you can use the SIM Data Migration Tool to move the SIM configuration (including VCEM info) to the new server. This transfers licenses as well. The 7.2 migration WP is available here:




Other comments or input?