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Migration of VCEM

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Migration of VCEM

Cristoph had a VCEM migration question:




I have this situation :  Customer has an HPSIM installation with IRSA (Insight Remote Support Advanced). During a POC to test Blades a standalone VCEM was installed in a VM.  Now the customers requests a HA (Hight Availability) Installation of VCEM. Because of IRSA I cannot cluster the HPSIM installation. So I think about a VCEM cluster with the hope to bring both installation together at a later time.


Questions: do we have a migration path from one VCEM installation to a new server with a HPSIM up and running , as a addon installation (only VCEM is added). This will be interesting when we are able to switch from IRSA to Insight Online/ Insight RS 7.x  for all servers .


                  If we lose the VCEM installation, what is the correct recovery procedure :  (install new VCEM, delete VCEM mode from enclosures from  old install and import enclosures to new install?)




A couple of responses:




From Carl:

I would suggest that one migration method would be to simply remove them from the old server, then add them to the new one. You can recreate the domain groups on the new VCEM instance as you go along. All of the MACs and WWNs will be preserved, and VCEM will not allow any duplicates to be created once all the chassis are migrated.


I saw another customer do it that way – it allows a fairly slow, but measured migration. The only problem (I think) is that any unassigned profiles may get left behind in the old VCEM once the last chassis is removed from the domain group. I seem to recall there was a CLI to export any profiles in VCEM, but there is no similar import facility. This will only affect unassigned profiles. If they are assigned to a server bay they will move with the migrated chassis.


Input from Fred:

You can use DMT (Data Migration Tool) to migrate your SIM and VCEM data from the current installation on your VM to a new HA installation of SIM and VCEM. DMT is covered in this white paper: There may be a more current flavor of the WP available. DMT also takes care of transferring license information to the new CMS (Central Management Server).


The method Carl describes is more admin-intensive, but provides finer grained control over the migration process. Note that the unassigned profiles from each VC Domain Group will be pushed to the last VC Domain that is removed from the group. They’ll be pulled back into the next Domain Group that the Domain joins under the new VCEM server. If you have a large number of unassigned profiles, you’ll want to keep in mind the documented limits for the number of profiles that VC supports in a Domain so you don’t exceed them.


We’ve had customers successfully use each of these approaches in migrating their VCEM installation to a new CMS.


There are a couple ways to recover from losing your CMS (including VCEM). The preferred approach would be to ensure current backups of your SIM database are available. This WP describes how to back up your CMS: There may be a more current version of the WP available.


It is possible to recover using the steps you’ve outlined if no backup is available. Note that following these steps means you’ll lose any unassigned profiles and you’ll have to reenter and apply license information as the Domains are brought back into VC Domain Groups. The work to accomplish this manually increases with the size of your VC environment.




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