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Migration scenario to HP ONEView

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Migration scenario to HP ONEView

Leonardo was working with a customer that wants to migrate to HP OneView for management.




My question is basically if the new version of HP OneView is if the administration of the SAN and Storage does something extra with LUNS already containing customer information. Additional does HP OneView documentation let me know if there is any manual indication of migration best practices. Client currently has the C7000 Enclosure configured but they want to configure management with HP OneView.




Reply from Chris:

Adding HP OneView into an existing HP 3PAR customers' infrastructure is not only simple, but is non-disruptive.  Meaning, your customer does not need to change their LUN allocations or assignment just because they want to add OneView into their infrastructure.  OneView does not require the HP 3PAR storage array to be unprovisioned.


The c7000 enclosure with Virtual Connect modules will need to be reconfigured; specifically the VC modules as OneView doesn’t have a native way to migrate existing Virtual Connect domain configurations.  There is a VC to OneView PowerShell migration “tool” I published (thanks to Eric Schulte for creating it) to CodePlex (, and the upcoming 1.20 OneView release will have a migration feature builtin.  Not all VC features are supported for migration, so please read the documentation prior to conducting any migration from VCM to OneView.


And info from Fred:

You may want to review the “Transitioning a Virtual Connect Configuration to HP OneView Whitepaper as part of your planning. It discusses how VC features map to HP OneView features and which can and cannot be migrated. It describes the manual process of moving a configuration, but the content is general enough to be of interest when considering a migration via the PowerShell Migration tool Chris mentions in his comments.




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