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Monitoring of C7000 G3

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Monitoring of C7000 G3

Hello all,

Recently we acquired the latest C7000 G3 Blade Enclosure with OA firmware 4.45. We also installed the latest HP Device Management Service (1.2.3) to get the monitoring flowing in our SCOM enviroment. However, with all our older blades (with older firmwares) the monitoring works fine, but for the new one the Device Bays and Interconnect Bays aren't monitored. Also see the attached screenshot:

2016-02-08 13_28_39-New Post - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community - Internet Explorer.png

Everything appears to work fine, also Thermal and Power monitoring, just not the Bays. We've inserted two servers which I installed and they, of course, work fine. The Virtual Connect in Bay 01 and 02 als work like they should. The VC does get monitored however, but this is probably due to the fact that it's a different SCOM management pack.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! We suspect it's a firmware issue, but are not too sure. Thanks!