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Multienclosure Domain Ordering

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Multienclosure Domain Ordering

Greg was looking to undo a customer problem:




While I was on vacation over the holiday break (which is to say that I didn’t do it), the midplane was replaced in the 0031 enclosure shown below. Somehow in this process the 0031 and 0032 enclosure were swapped in VCM … that is to say 0031 is supposed to be enclosure 1 and 0032 is supposed to be enclosure 0. Is there a way to swap these back and preserve all the settings and profiles in the domain?




Monty was looking to help:




The screenshot shows the enclosure serial number is now all zeros – meaning the enclosure midplane replacement procedure was not completed, which requires the installer to log into the OA and manually update the enclosure serial number to match the previous serial number before plugging any interconnects or server blades back into the enclosure.


You need to run the OA CLI commands logged in as Administrator to set the enclosure serial number, part number and pdu type back to the original numbers:


  • Set enclosure serial_number <serial number on label on front of enclosure>
  • Set enclosure part_number <PID on loabel on front of enclosure>
  • Set enclosure PDU_type <1 for single-phase AC, 2 for three-phase AC US, 3 for three-phase Intl, 4 for DC)


VC Manager will have to be restarted to pick up the enclosure serial number change.


By the way, what is the OA firmware version? We added a firmware feature to automatically restore the enclosure serial number, part number and pdu type after a midplane replacement to OA v3.20.  We also added the display of the current enclosure serial number to the Insight Display LCD.




Great info for Greg. Any other comments?