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NIC firmware report on entire enclosure.

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NIC firmware report on entire enclosure.

A question on asset management from Jean-Denis:




Is there an easy way to do a  complete firmware report (if not at least  getting NIC/CNA firmwares) for an entire blade enclosure holding BL460c G6 /G7 /Gen8 blades running various OSs like Windows 2K3/2K8/Hyper-V , Linux Redhat 4/5/6 and ESXi4.x /5.x ?




Reply from Chris:




You can get a report of all component firmware by using HPSUM 5 from all of those OS’s except ESX.  You can get this information from ESX hosts by using the “ethtool –i vmnic#” command remotely.  Remember that SSH is normally disabled for root, and is disabled in general for ESXi hosts.




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