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Need Help- iLO license - c7000

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Need Help- iLO license - c7000

Manoj had a licensing question:




I am preparing a BOM for a c7000 enclosure.  Customer is not using ICE (Insight Control Environment).

Hence I have  excluded the below item from quote.



c-Class Insight Control Environment 16 License, 1 year



Please advice, If  I need to order separate 16 x iLO licenses instead of ICE License.




Input from Chris:

If you meant iLO Advanced licences, then I believe you do need them for full functionality from the iLO.


Specifically, without these licences you would not be able to do virtual media, which is very useful for installations unless all your installations are Pixie based.


Reply from Vincent:

Actually with Blades you can do Virtual Media through the GUI (browser) without the Advanced license. You need Advanced for Virtual Media scripting.

More at

And yes, if you don’t buy Insight Control and you want any of the Advanced features with iLO, you need to buy licenses for that.




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