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New Onboard Administrator(OA) 3.00 Firmware available.

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New Onboard Administrator(OA) 3.00 Firmware available.

Just wanted to let you know that the new OA 3.00 firmware is available on


Enhancements/New Features

Hardware Support

  • Added support for the HP BLc7000 2400W Platinum Power Supply

Firmware Additions

  • Added support for IPv6.
  • Added support for Virtual LAN (VLAN) networking within the c-Class enclosure.
  • Added support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1.
  • Added support for Internet Explorer 8 in compatibility mode only.
  • Added support for Mozilla Firefox 3.5.
  • Added support for logging blade correctable and uncorrectable memory errors on G6 server blades only.
  • Enhanced Enclosure Dynamic Power Capping:
    • Provides for a maximum allowable cap range based on the hardware and firmware available in the enclosure and installed server blades
    • Can now be enabled in a non redundant power environment
    • Can now be enabled in a DC-powered enclosure
  • Added a new CLI command that retrieves and displays a server blade’s iLO 2 Event Log.
  • Modified the SHOW ALL to also include the iLO 2 Event Log for all installed server blades.
  • Enhanced the handling of previously cached browser pages when upgrading the Onboard Administrator.
  • Self-signed certificates generated with Onboard Administrator v3.00 now use a SHA1 signature instead of the less secure MD5 signature.
  • Enhanced Enclosure Bay IP Addressing (EBIPA) to support individual network settings for each bay instead of global network settings which encompass all bays.
  • The method used to determine duplicate EBIPA IP addresses within OA 2.60 and earlier has been found to be unreliable and at times indicates duplicate IP addresses that were in fact not duplicate, thus duplicate IP address checking has been removed from the OA 3.00.

Upgrade Requirement:
- HP recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.

Important Notes:

    • Onboard Administrator v3.00 EBIPA changes to support configuring device bays or interconnect bays in different IP subnets (particularly to support the new Enclosure VLAN feature) require a new CLI command to save the EBIPA settings. Enclosure configuration files saved on previous Onboard Administrator versions will not have the new SAVE EBIPA command, so it is highly recommended that the Enclosure configuration file be saved after the Onboard Administrator is updated to version 3.00; even if the new EBIPA features are not used, to ensure that the Enclosure configuration file has the proper EBIPA command sequence to restore the EBIPA settings.
    • Internet Explorer 6 does not natively support IPv6. Please review Microsoft Technical Note,, for details on using Internet Explorer 6 with the Onboard Administrator v3.00 configured for IPv6.
    • As of Onboard Administrator v2.60, the Onboard Administrator detects power supplies within the scope of Customer Advisory c01519680 and flags them with a “Red X” critical error condition and displays the message: “HP strongly recommends replacing power supply #X at the customer's earliest possible convenience pursuant to Customer Advisory c01519680." Flagged power supplies continue to function and the enclosure remains operational. See customer advisory c01519680 for more information:

Firmware Dependency:

For firmware compatibility information, please see HP BladeSystem Firmware Maintenance,


The website also includes this information and a list of bug fixes, installation notes, etc.


See if this helps in your environment. Let us know.