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No Blade Enclosure details discovered in HP SIM

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No Blade Enclosure details discovered in HP SIM

Wilson had an HP SIM question:




We have a HP SIM 6.20 + IRSA5.50 running on W2k8R2.

When we try to discover a blade enclosure OA ip.


Only the OA (FW 3.21) hardware was discovered.

There is no details for enclosure and servers obtained during the OA discovery???


I remembered previously I can see all the enclosure details once I discovered an OA.

But this time we have to discover individually its OA,VC & servers one at a time.


Did anybody encounter this before?

How can I made the enclosure details to appear?


And also my OA has no icon under CW column but I can get the entitlement details successfully in RSP config? Strange too.

How can I get a cw icon for my OA. (Note the other servers do have the CW icon in the console)




Jon replied:




You require a hotfix for 6.2 or upgrade to 6.3 to support OA firmware 3.20 or above.




Anybody else encounter this problem? Comments or suggestions?