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Re: OA Password Reset

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OA Password Reset

I have three chassis, each with a primary and secondary OA installed. Each of these have somehow lost their factory tag with the password. We never did reset the Administrator password and relied on the factory tag. Adminitidly, not much was done after the initial configuration. Now I have a need to change LDAP Groups, but have lost the Administrator passwords for 3 of these chassis. 


On browsing, I noticed that I can run a scrip from the Insight Display via USB Key into the primary OA using the method outlined below: 


To run the scripts:
Copy the scripts to a thumb drive
Place the thumb drive in the active OA
Run the script from the Insight Display
o USB Menu
o Restore Configuration
o usb://d1/<script-name>.cfg


SET USER PASSWORD "Administrator" "password"


I need to know before hand if this will impact anything else, or if it will only impact the password. I do not want to whipe the config all together, only update the password. 


Please Let me know,

Thank You. 

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Re: OA Password Reset

I havent performed the method you describe, but if all that is in the script is the password line, then that is all that would be affected.


Perhaps a better means would be to do the following to show and reset the OA to its default setting:


  1.  Attach a terminal to the serial port of the OA module.
  2.  Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds.
  3.  Press the L key to boot into Password Recovery mode.   The factory default password will be set and shown on the screen.

Alternatively, you could remove the primary OA module and note the default password that is printed on the module itself.  The OA is hot-swappable.  Although if you have a secondary OA module, note that this will force a failover and thus the default password would be the one located on the secondary module!



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Re: OA Password Reset

I have used the .cfg script on USB Key method numerous times.

I can tell you it will ONLY change the items listed in the script.

So in your example it would reset the local Administrator password.

And aside from any scripting being done outside the c7000, there is no direct tie of anything, including Virtual Connect, to the Administrator account. So you should be safe to pull the trigger.