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OA and iLO connecting to isolated networks

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OA and iLO connecting to isolated networks

Andrew was working with a customer that had interesting network ioslation issues:




I just had a conversation with a customer delivering a solution to a large provider. They are required to connect to two separate routers on two separate subnets for redundancy.


They believe they can do this with the active and standby OA's as they are unique devices, but during a failover they will not be able to reach the iLO's, as they can only be on one of the two networks.


The ask is, is there a way to configure to support such a configuration?


My expectation is the answer is they need to wire the management network to one side or the other, and in the event of a failure of that network they lose out of band capabilities until it is repaired. And that the outage will not impact the operation of properly configured redundant blade production interfaces.


Thoughts, insight, experience with such a configuration would be appreciated.




Input from Dan:




Along those lines...


VRRP and IRF both allow a single Default Gateway IP that can be failed over between 2 physical Layer3 switches.


The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) eliminates the single point of failure inherent in the static default routed environment. And Intelligent Redundant Framework (IRF) – provides reduncancy in switches as well.


1 Subnet

1 IP

2 Switches for redundancy.