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OA networking and communication once again

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OA networking and communication once again

I read documentation and forum stuff about OA networking and VLAN’s and to be honest I’m still confused.

I read don’t separate iLO’s from OA, OA from VC and so on. They must be in same VLAN. If I do I won’t be able to connect to servers kvm and VC from OA but why?

Let’s say I don’t block any traffic between my OA VLAN and iLOs VLAN on router. Is OA going to reach my router for routing purpose to iLOs LAN network or it will try to access iLOs direct and not going even to upstream switches? It’s the only reason I can find for not be able to connect to iLO’s. Same goes for connecting from OA to interconnects will I be able use connect interconnect 3 from OA CLI when my interconnect mgmt. port in bay 3 will be on separate VLAN?

Another question OA by default has it’s OA/iLO port set to access mode or some kind dynamic mode? Will I be able to connect it to trunk port out of the box when my native VLAN on switch side is 1 and will be able to access OA web interface or reconfiguration by console port will be required?

Thanks for any help.

Phillip Thayer
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Re: OA networking and communication once again

Typically, the OA, iLO and VC IP's are all considered "Compute Management" and should be on the same VLAN in order to communiczte between themselves.  Otherwise you may not get proper staatus reporting between the different compnents of the enclosure.  Access to trhe iLO's and VC's is all done through the OA.  The OA passes the traffic directly through to the iLO and VC modules with no routing.  Because of this if they are on a different VLAN they will not talk no matter what you configure on the router.



Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.