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Onboard Admiistrator (OA) Hardware version

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Onboard Admiistrator (OA) Hardware version

Antonin had an Onboard Administrator hardware question:




Hello blade gurus,

Does anyone know what the is exact difference between Onboard Administrator hardware  A3 and B1  revisions? If I`m not mistaken A3 should be the newer OA DDR2 with KVM functionality. Is it correct?




Monty replied:




The hardware revisions on each OA module are typically BOM changes to substitute newer components – all these different HW revisions provide the same functionality for the c7000 OA with KVM (which has DDR2 memory).


Each OA module has completely different part numbers  - and completely different hardware revisions – and all those HW revisions provided the same functionality for all OA modules with that same part number.  We have only had two different OA modules for both the c7000 and c3000 enclosures – the original OA modules with DDR memory and the latest OA modules with DDR2 memory, a faster CPU and 1Gb speed on the external Management Port.


There is only the original  HW revision of the c3000 OA module that had different functionality than all the later HW revisions – this only affected the use of the front and rear USB ports at the same time.  If the OA firmware detects the original HW rev on the c3000 OA module, it requires the user select either activating the front USB connector on the active OA or the rear USB connector on the optional KVM module.  All the newer c3000 OA modules and all the c3000 OA with DDR2 modules allow simultaneous use of both front and rear c3000 USB connectors.




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