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Re: Onboard Administrator - Blade iLO communication issue

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Onboard Administrator - Blade iLO communication issue

I have a really good one that I have been working on that I just cant figure out.


I have subnet that I use for mgmt traffic on my network. 10.0.10.x/24, which belongs to vlan 20 as a secondary interface.

The primary subnet of vlan 20 is 10.0.1.x/24. I realize that this is  a poor configuration (I didnt do it.


My OA is addressed as, I can access it and its partner in standby mode at I can also access my Virtual Connects at IP and 


Now in my Enclosure Bay IP Address settings, I have setup the EBIPA addresses as - .111. 


However I am not able to get to the iLOs for ANY of my blades. I can ping the IPs (ie, I browse to it via HTTP or HTTPS and get nothing, launch it from the Enclosure itself and get nothing. 


I can however SSH into the OA, and from there "hop" to the iLO for EVERY SINGLE BAY/BLADE. 


As well I have addressed one of Blade iLOs in the subnet, and it is now accessible from both the OA and from web browser. 


Anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue, or at the very least where to start?


Re: Onboard Administrator - Blade iLO communication issue

Howdy, maybe a silly Question but have you trie'd clearing out all your online and offline browser cache? As this symptom sounds equal on what I see when I do a FW upgrade of the OA and sometimes then the iLO pages behave the same. If that is not the resolution then please try resetting the OA module or removing and then re-inserting the module (preferred together with OA tray)  and let us know the outcome!

Cheers, Jeroen


(I am an HPE employee)
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Re: Onboard Administrator - Blade iLO communication issue

Are you able to ping the ILO IPs - .111 from the client machine where you are trying to access them?


I have seen such issue when there is vlan routing issues in the network.


If there is no ping then probably you will need to check the network.


When you configured the ILOs to you must be able to ping them successfully and that's the reason you are able to access them without any issue


I am an HP employee