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Onboard Administrator - KVM vs Onboard Administrator -nonKVM, Compatibility - Onsite

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Onboard Administrator - KVM vs Onboard Administrator -nonKVM, Compatibility - Onsite

Joe had a customer question:




I have a customer who has enclosures with the previous OA.  They are now adding the current OA which includes the KVM support.  I am answering the question about compatibility or possible issues that would drive replacing the original products.  The customer is also working through a response call and the L2 person stated he, the customer, is running into memory situations.  In other words, the customer was told that they were running low on memory.  We have not been able to determine if the reference was to OA memory or virtual connect on board memory either Ethernet or Fiber Channel.


Anyway, looking for assistance.




Eirik repsonded:




Hi Joseph.


When mixing these modules you have to manually firmware upgrade each of them.


I have some customers running a mix of old \new OA's, no problem as long as they keep that in mind, also the new OA is a hella lot quicker than the old one.

Example : When I firmwareupgrade blades using USB-attached iso I can only do 8 at a time with the old one before the OA freezes up and becomes basically unresponsive, when doing the same with the new model I can run all 16 servers at once and still do whatever else I want.




Are you using the new Onboard Administrator module? Is it faster for you?