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Onboard Administrator / LDAP logon limit - workaround??

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Onboard Administrator / LDAP logon limit - workaround??

Ed had a customer question:




I have a customer asking the following..


"LDAP allows one user logon to the OnBoard Administrator; local user logons are not limited

· customer has a 2-node cluster that they are in the process of implementing

· cutomer is experiencing what they believe to be contention with LDAP user attempting to logon to the OnBoard Administrator simultaneously via their orchestration scripts

· One node appear to have a successful logon; the other node fails

· customer is wondering if there is a configuration change to the blade environment that will enable more than one concurrently LDAP logon

· If not, they will need to modify a substantial number of scripts (some of which are currently operational in the field) and change the LDAP user to a local user

Any thoughts please..?





Monty responded:




Yes, the OA limits each LDAP user account to only one login – if they are logged into the GUI, that session is closed if they also open a CLI session and vice-versa.   This behavior is not configurable.


Workarounds which will not disturb current LDAP user sessions include:

  • Use an OA local user account for the scripting commands
  • Use a different LDAP user account for the scripting commands.



Any other comments or suggestions?? Seemed to be a lot of confusion around this one.