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Onboard Administrator (OA) 3.00 GUI unresponsive

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Onboard Administrator (OA) 3.00 GUI unresponsive

Bohus had an Onboard Administrator issue that he was trying to solve for a customer:




Unfortunately my customer has encountered recently the problem similar to this Engineering Advosory (EA):


4x c7000 in multi-enclosure stacking, 2 of 4 OAs not accessible from GUI (since 31-august)

CLI access was OK, so I have set for each (primary) OA:

> enable ipv6


to provide temporary workaround until FW upgrade date will be negotiated/allowed by customer.

I have tried GUI access again after several hours but the OA state on 2 enclosures is the same.

Have I omitted anything in the recommended procedure or is this a different problem ?




Ron suggested the following:




Once in the failing state, you must reboot the OA.  Enabling IPv6 prevents the problem from happening in the future.




Have you encountered this problem? Were you able to resolve the issue? Let us know.