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Onboard Administrator(OA) Browser Annoyance

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Onboard Administrator(OA) Browser Annoyance

Tom was looking for help with a customer OA problem:



I received this from one of my customers – his concern is noted below.



Basically, this is the issue. If you open up 2 different OAs in 2 tabs from the same IE session, then launch the iLO Integrated Remote Console for bay 1 in the first OA, then move to the 2nd OA and launch the same bay 1 there, it re-uses the first iLO session IE window which disrupts anything you were doing there. It could be any bay #, as long as it matches between OAs. It's very annoying behavior, especially when you are trying to do maintenance on multiple enclosures at the same time.



I have tested this scenario on the test enclosure and can reproduce it.  I tried to “right click” the link for the Integrated Remote Console and clicked “open in new tab” or “open in new window”.



Does anyone have any thoughts/workarounds for this? Is this normal behavior, if so was this built in for a specific reason or is this a browser problem? As he mentions, it is an annoyance. 



Any thoughts are much appreciated.


Ken and Hiro provided some guidance:


It is known issue.


Advisory: HP Onboard Administrator - A New Browser Window Will Not Be Opened When Connecting to the HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) of a Server Blade in the Same Bay Number of a Different Enclosure


Assuming it’s some version of IE, Go to Internet Options – Advanced, and uncheck “Reuse windows for launching shortcuts”.



Let us know if this helps. Any other comments?