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Onboard Administrator (OA): Definition Link Loss for Link Loss Failover

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Onboard Administrator (OA): Definition Link Loss for Link Loss Failover

A question from Nick:




Hi all,


I am trying to understand under what conditions Link Loss Failover should work in an OA.


Does this only work if the physical link is lost, or should it work if the primary OA loses its IP address but still has a valid physical link?I am trying to confirm if LLF only occurs when the physical connection fails (i.e. broken cable, failed switch etc.), or if it should kick in of the active OA loses its IP address (as happened to us and caused an outage).




Input from Hoa:




For Link Loss Failover to function correctly, the redundancy status of the Onboard

Administrators must be OK. An OK status means that both Onboard Administrators have the same firmware

version (firmware version 2.20 or higher), and that they are communicating properly.

Enable Link Loss Failover—This check box enables or disables automatic Link Loss Failover.

Failover Interval—The failover interval is the amount of time the active Onboard Administrator must be

without a link on the external Ethernet interface before the system considers an automatic failover. The

interval must be between 30 and 86400 seconds.